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Note: Payment of the deposit or for the booking as the case may be, amounts to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the person making the booking (the Tenant)

1. Bookings made more than 30 days in advance
(a) A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking.
(b) The balance of the rental amount due, including the bond, must be received in full 30 days prior to the commencement date of the Tenant’s booking failing which the booking could be cancelled, the premises (the premises) relet and the deposit retained by the Owner of the premises (the Owner) without refund.  $75 Booking fee is non-refundable once booking processed.

2. Bookings made less than 30 days in advance
For bookings made less than 30 days in advance, the full amount due for the booking, including the bond, must be paid in full within 48 hours of the booking, failing which the booking shall be cancelled, the premises relet and all monies paid retained by the Owner without refund.  $75 Booking fee is non-refundable once booking processed.

3. Bond
(a) Bond is payable at the same time as the balance amount or at the time of booking for bookings made less than 30 days in advance.
(b) The bond, less any amounts payable as provided in clause 5 below, will be refunded as soon as practicable after the premises are vacated.
(c) An amount of $50.00 for the first bond deduction and $40.00 for each deduction thereafter, will be paid from the bond for administration and time charges relating to bond deductions.

4. Cancellation
(a) For any cancellation by the Tenant made 60 days or less from the date of arrival, no monies paid are refundable.
(b) A $150.00 re-let fee is payable for any cancellation and booking fee not refunded.
(c) For cancellation by the Tenant made more than 60 days from the date of arrival, the full deposit, less the relet fee, will only be refunded if the premises are re-let for the same period as the Tenant’s booking and at the same nightly rate. Otherwise the deposit is not refundable.
(d) The Owner of the premises (the Owner) reserves the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances. If the booking is cancelled by the Owner, all monies paid by the Tenant will be refunded.
(e) Booking fee (due upon deposit payment) is not refundable once transaction of reservation is in process.

5. Conditions of occupation
To maintain a high standard for Tenants the following conditions of occupation apply:-
(a) Use of premises – the premises are let for holiday purposes only and for the period stated on the receipt.
(b) Smoking is not permitted inside the house.
(c) Number of Guests should NOT exceed the number stated on the Confirmation
Notice unless subsequently agreed in writing or email. Additional fees will apply for excess guests not agreed with the Owner in advance and these will be deducted from the bond.
(d) Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited. The premises are located in a residential area of Byron Shire and has a strict no party policy. NO weddings, parties or large gatherings are permitted.
(e) Noise – Noise is to be kept to a minimum with NO outside noise between the hours of 10pm and 8am.   In the event of noise complaints which result in Holiday Letting Organisation or Police call out, or should a noise order issue, the Agent reserves the right to immediately evict the Tenant and retain the whole of the bond.
(f) Damage, Breakages, Theft and Loss – the Tenant is responsible for the tenant’s personal property. The cost of repair or replacement of any item in the premises or the premises itself due to damage and/or breakages will be deducted from the bond and may incur additional charges if the repair or replacement cost exceeds the amount of the bond. If the Tenant notices any damage or item broken, it must be reported to the Owner or the Owner’s agent upon arrival. Damages and/or broken items reported on or after the exit date will be considered damage caused by the Tenant and will be deducted from the bond.
(g) No pets allowed in or about the premises if the property is listed as no pets.
(h) Departure:
i. Please ensure you vacate the premises by 10am (unless late departure has been previously arranged).
ii. The premises are to be left in a neat and tidy condition.
iii. All rubbish is to be removed from inside and placed in the bins provided. There will be a charge imposed for removal of additional rubbish.
iv. Please do not strip the beds.
v. The BBQ is to be basic cleaned and wiped over using the provided cleaning products.
There is a $50 additional cleaning charge if the BBQ is left dirty.
vi. We do not pay our Cleaners to wash dirty dishes.  All kitchen items to be washed and put away. Additional cleaning charges will apply if dishes left for Cleaners to wash and dry.
(h) Loss of keys or remotes – the Tenant will pay $150 locksmith call out charge plus $60 per remote for replacement remotes and $40 for replacement keys.
(i) Beach towels (coloured NOT white hire towels) please wash and dry prior to departure.
7. Variations to these Terms and Conditions may only be made with the Owner or the Owner’s agent in writing.